BioMolViz Misconceptions Survey

Members of the BioMolViz community have identified BioMolecular Visualization areas in which students struggle or have misconceptions. We are seeking Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-based professors and instructors to participate in a research study designed to determine the prevalence of these challenges/misconceptions across institutions of higher education. We hope that, by better understanding these educational challenges, we can support instructional development that can minimize them. 

Take the survey (15–20 minutes):

2022 Summer Newsletter & Call for Field Testers

Several biomolecular visualization assessments from our workshops have been reviewed by an expert panel. Now, BioMolViz is seeking partners from a variety of institutions to test assessments at both the novice (beginner, typically students in introductory courses) and amateur (intermediate, typically students in upper-division courses) learner levels. If you are interested in partnering with BioMolViz to pilot visual literacy assessments in your classroom, please fill out this form.

Read the full summer 2022 newsletter here.