June 2023 – Developing Interactive Content for Open Educational Resources (OER)

Interested in OERs for biochemistry? Need some dedicated time to explore OER content? Like the idea of OER but want more control over what your students see? If so, we have the workshop for you! 

Monday, June 5th &
Wednesday June 7th, 2023 
noon–3 PM ET on Zoom (Register Here

BioMolViz is hosting a virtual workshop on developing OERs, led by Fundamentals of Biochemistry LibreText author, Dr. Henry Jakubowski. With an emphasis on interactive content for biochemistry courses, including iCn3D models, instructors will be trained in the basics of OER creation. Participants will receive their own LibreText account to learn the nuts and bolts of authoring original content and remixing existing OER content to create a custom resource. Register now!

Visualization Conversations

Since Fall 2020, BioMolViz has been hosting a series of informal online conversations monthly to keep our community connected online. We are planning to resume visualization conversations in Fall 2023 and are seeking presenters in the biomolecular visualization field. If you are interested in leading a conversation on a topic in biomolecular visualization education, please contact us.

View the Visualization Conversation archive here.

BioMolViz Workshops

Assessment Writing

BioMolViz hosts assessment writing workshops, where participants work in teams to author assessments that probe visual literacy. Each assessment workshop includes a keynote speaker, networking events, and collaboration with a fantastic community of educators.

Workshop information page

Modeling Program Training (iCn3D, Jmol, PyMOL, UCSF Chimera)

Wanting to learn a new program for molecular modeling? BioMolViz offers online two day program training workshops in iCn3D, PyMOL, or ChimeraX. Contract us ( to lead a dedicated workshop for your college or university, or join us for RCN-UBE-sponsored workshops, which are free and open to the biomolecular visualization community. Upcoming workshops will be announced here, and through our newsletter.

BioMolViz 2022 Workshop and VR Training at Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Past workshops

In-person BioMolViz assessment workshop & Nanome virtual reality training
June 2022, Suffolk University, Boston, MA
Nanome VR Training led by Drs. Melanie Berkmen and Celeste Peterson

Online BioMolViz assessment workshop: June 2022

2020–2021 (Online)
Winter Assessment Workshops – December 2020 & January 2021
Summer Assessment Collabs – May & June 2021

Univ of Delaware; January
Univ of the Incarnate Word (ASBMB Education Symposium)

Georgia Institute of Technology; January
Washington Univ in St. Louis; February
Morgan State Univ; March
Univ of San Diego; April

Univ of Tampa (ASBMB Education Symposium)