Visualization Conversations

This series features online conversations on topics related to biomolecular visualization. The format is an informal 5–10 minute presentation, followed by a ~20 minute conversation with attendees. If you are interested in presenting to our community, email us at

Past Conversations

November 19th, 2021 Kimberly Cortes, Ph.D. “What biometrics, such as eye tracking and EEG, can help tell us about what students are taking away from our visualizations” Cassidy Terrell, Ph.D. “Development of a new tool for assessing expert and student neural networks of biomolecular representations.” ~ Event Flier

October 15th, 2021: Brent R. Stockwell “Teaching and Learning Biochemistry in Virtual Reality” Gaël McGill “Knowledge Synthesis Through Visualization: Design Principles, Tools & Mental Models” ~ Event Flier

April 30th, 2021: Karsten Theis “Teaching with Morphs” Ellis Bell “Focusing on Hypothesis Development in a CURE” ~ Event Flier

February 19th, 2021: Paul Craig “The BASIL CURE Community” David Goodsell “CellPAINT: Interactive Illustration of Molecular Cell Biology” ~ Event Flier

November 20th, 2020: Angel Herráez “The BioModel Project” Shuchismita Dutta “Molecular CaseNet” View flier

November 6th, 2020: Eric Martz “Simplifying Visualization with JMol FirstGlance” Rebecca Roston “Simplifying Complex Concepts with 3D Models in the Classroom” View Flier

October 16th, 2020: Josh Beckham “Balancing in-person and online undergraduate research in a CURE” Audrey Shor “Facilitating online activities to categorize macromolecules using Google Jamboard” Click here to view the Event Flier

October 2nd, 2020: Henry Jakubowski “Biochemistry Online: Developing Interactive LibreTexts” Karsten Theis “Teaching with Proteopedia” View flier