BioMolViz Library Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

By using the BioMolViz Library ( in any way you (“User”) agree to the following Terms of Use (“Terms”). BioMolViz may modify the Terms at any time without notice to User by posting revised Terms on our site. The publisher and owner of the BioMolViz Library copyright is BioMolViz, an NSF-sponsored project, hereinafter “BioMolViz”.

Limited Use

By using the BioMolViz Library, user agrees to only use these tools for non-commercial educational assessment, either in your classroom or through a learning management system. User agrees not to share these tools publicly or distribute on other websites outside of the user’s primary work institution. User is free to adapt (i.e., remix, transform, and build upon the material) to serve the user’s teaching needs.

User agrees to not publish their BioMolViz Library username and password on any websites (including internal intranet sites). User agrees to not distribute the login instructions to other individuals.


User herby indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless BioMolViz, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees against all and any claim or demand, including all legal fees, related in any way to User’s use of, or conduct while using, the BioMolViz website or BioMolViz Library.

Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability

Assessments in the BioMolViz Library are available at various stages of validation. User assumes all risk and responsibility when using non-validated assessments from the Library.

Proprietary Rights

User acknowledges that the content in the BioMolViz Library (including online and print materials) is for internal use only in the user’s classroom(s) and agrees to use the content for only this purpose.

User is free to adapt (i.e., remix, transform, and build upon the material). Adaptations are subject to the same terms and conditions as the original assessment item.

For questions regarding the use of the BioMolViz Library or presentation/publication of classroom results, please contact BioMolViz at:


To reference the BioMolViz Library, please use this citation: 

Citation: Beckham, J., Acevedo, R., Dries, D.R., Engelman, S., Franzen, M.A., Jakubowski, H., Mertz, P., Novak, W.R., Roberts, R., Roca, A.I., Procko, K.* The BioMolViz Library: An Assessment Repository to Evaluate Biomolecular Visual Literacy Through the BioMolViz Framework.

* The University of Texas at Austin,